About Us

Talk Like a Persian teaches Persian to global audiences offering audio, video and text materials to learners around the world.
Talk Like a Persian provides multimedia Persian language teaching materials to meet learners’ needs for academic purposes or travel.

Many of our materials are delivered as full length courses but each component of the course is standalone and can be studied on its own. This means the learner can choose the best way to study for them; by following a full course or by following the individual materials most appropriate to them. We also have a range of long-running features such as Movies , Conversations and Grammar.

Talk Like a Persian transforms authentic video content, like movie trailers, music videos, news and more, into irresistible learning tools. The videos are captioned and the captions are annotated to give you easy access to any word’s definition. Prefer a fun, activity-style option? Activities combine videos, images and example sentences into interactive quizzes to take your learning to the next level. Talk Like a Persian offers Persian language materials for any level of language learner. Select your level and you can learn it all the way up through the advanced levels.  Talk Like a Persian tracks your learning and you can view your progress and grade. 

In addition to our public service offer, we also work with Persian language linguists, teachers and assessment specialists to produce tailor-made materials such as lessons and various types of tests and evaluations for specific markets.

Our Principles for Effective Teaching, Learning and Testing 

Implementing a Standards-Based and Thematically Organized Curriculum – We provide a meaningful and purposeful context that is cognitively engaging and relevant to learners. Lesson sub-categories support the goals of the lesson by sequencing clearly stated lesson can-do statements that indicate what learners will know and be able to do in order to prepare them for the performance assessment tasks.

Conducting Performance-Based Assessment- Learners engage in relevant real-world performance tasks to demonstrate how well they are meeting the performance targets and goals of the lesson for each mode of communication. 

Integrating Culture, Content, and Language- Talk Like a Persian offers and design lessons that are culturally rich and cognitively engaging. It creates a context in which learners use their language skills to learn more about the target culture and the world they live in. Learners interact frequently with authentic resources, exploring the products, practices, and perspectives of the target culture. 

Using the Target Language and Providing Comprehensible Input- A variety of strategies have been used to make the target language comprehensible and  activities frequently check for understanding in a variety of ways in order to modify input as necessary. 

Facilitating a Learner-Centered Classroom- Instructional decisions are made based on learners’ ages, interests, abilities, and needs.  Activities provide multiple opportunities for learner-to-learner interaction,   on social media and blogs and enable learners to collaborate and communicate about topics that are meaningful to them. 

Adapting and Using Age-Appropriate Authentic Materials- Lessons are based on  authentic texts and resources appropriate for the theme and performance targets of the lesson. The texts and resources are made comprehensible and accessible to learners. Learners engage frequently with age-appropriate resources that are intentionally selected to appeal to the interests, preferences, and life experiences of members of the target culture.