Sizdah Bedar- Nature’s Day

”Sizdah bedar”, Nature’s day or 13th day of Nowruz is the 13th day of month of Farvardin and is the last day of Nowruz festivities. On this day, Iranians go out and have a picnic  in nature. “Sizdah” means thirteen, and “bedar”, means to get rid of. In general, it means “getting rid of thirteen”.

There are many tales about “Sizdah Bedar”. One interpretation is that  Iranians celebrate Nowruz for 12 days that represent the 12 months of the year. On the thirteenth day of Nowruz, Iranians embrace the nature and spend a full day of picnic outdoors with the family and friends.

In ancient Iran era, the thirteenth day of every solar month was also called “ Tir Rooz” that was also a special day to ask for rain. Contrary to the commonly held erroneous belief, 13 is not an ominous number in Zoroastrianism tradition. In fact, thirteen was a auspicious number among Ancient Iranians.

Another tradition on “Sizde Bedar”, is the knotting of “sabze” (blades of grass from Nowruz Hafsin table). Iranians  tie a knot with blades of grass while making wishes . The other ritual is that we throw the sprout in the running water and hope that the water will undo the knots and make our wishes come true. We wish you a happy Sizdah Bedar.

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7. Sizdah Bedar- Persian New Year Festivities-Nature’s Day

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a. Knotting of Sabze

b. Throwing the sprout in the running water

c. Picnic in nature

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