Nothing is more exciting than writing your name in a different language. Are you ready to give it a try!

1. Watch the Persian Alphabet Video

1. Persian Alphabet

2. Record: Record yourself reading the Persian Alphabet.

3. Type: Type all the Persian letters. Open the On Screen Key Board and make sure to type all 32 letters. If you need help to install the Persian language on your pc or Mac please refer to Technology Requirements for tutorials. Do not worry about the order of the letters. For more letters and signs you need to press on Shift. While typing the letters let’s learn a few bits of it in the process by looking at the Alphabet Chart and paying attention to these facts: a. Persian is Spelt Phonetically and what you hear is what you write. b. Persian has a case-free alphabet, c. Persian is just joined-up handwriting, d.The 32 letters come in groups which have the same basic shape ( پ ت ث ب ), e. Many of the letters are redundant . For example: four letters ( ز ذ ض ظ) represent sound /z/. How do you write the right spelling? It’ll happen through use and repetition.

4. Copy: Look at the Persian Alphabet chart  and find the letters in your first name and last name and type them. Do not worry about the letters that represent the same sound. Just choose one. For example there are four letters (ز ذ ض ظ )that represent sound /z/ in Persian. There is no rule in Persian and you will learn the right spelling through use and repetition. Find the letters in your first and last name and type them one by one with a space in between. We are going to learn how to write the letters soon. Note: Short vowels are not written in Persian.

Example: Parastoo پ ر س ت و P a r a s t o o

Danaee د ا ن ا  D a n a

5. Now find the letters on the On Screen Keyboard and type them as one word with no space. The keyboard will take care of the spelling and will spell it for you correctly as far as connecting the letters.

Example: پرستو دانا

6. Look at comment area and find two friends that have at least two letters in common with your first/last name and type the letters that you have in common with them in response to their post.

Cannot wait to see your first words! 🙂 Do not worry about misspelling your name. We will fix it together! Enjoy exploring your name in Persian language. Consider that once you’ve learnt it, you’ll be able to read and write the script for no fewer than 21 other languages as well as Persian – including, of course, Arabic with just a few small differences between each. It’s the equivalent of learning English once and then being able to read and write the same basic alphabet used across most of Europe and the West.

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