Persian New Year Rituals

Persian New Year, Nowruz, is around the corner. We celebrate Nowruz on March 20/21st at the exact moment of the vernal equinox commencing the start of the Spring. Please watch the videos and  answer the questions in response to this forum.

Nowruz is the most important national holiday in Iran. Nowruz is the other name for Persian New Year and marks the first day of Spring. Nowruz has been celebrated for more than 3000 years in Iran and some other countries. United Nation’s General Assembly recognized the International Day of Nowruz in 2010. New Year is celebrated exactly on the first day of spring at the moment that the sun crosses the equator and equalizes night and day. This moment is exactly calculated every year and it is usually on the 21st of March. Nowruz has special traditions.

Cleaning the House 

Iranians prepare for Nowruz, couple of weeks in advance. A few days before Nowruz, Iranians start Nowruz by cleaning the house and cleaning every spot.

Nowruz Shopping 

One of the most enjoyable Nowruz traditions is shopping. Haft-Seen items, decorative items, and gifts for friends and acquaintances are among the Nowruz shopping list as well. It is customary to wear new clothes or bags and shoes during the arrival of the New Year. From a few weeks before the New Year, the bazaar has a different atmosphere and is more exciting than before due to shopping for New Year.


He is one of the symbols of Nowruz who comes to the streets with a tambourine, red dress and a black face, amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, in the last days of March and announces the arrival of Nowruz to the people.

Watch these 3 videos to see how Persians celebrate new year.

  1. Nowruz Explained by Celebreties

2. What is Nowruz and How to Celebrate Persian New Year


3. Persian New Year in Movies 


Not it’s time to share your knowledge about Persian New Year with your friends by responding to this blog post. Please answer questions 1-3  in English .

1. When is Persian New Year?

2. What does Nowruz mean?

3. Which countries celebrate Nowruz?

4.Read the following list of Iranian Rituals and select 5 of the  rituals that are  related to  Persian New Year and type them  in Persian .

a. Charshanbe Suri چهار شنبه سوری

b. Spring house cleaning خانه تکانی

c. Setting Haftseen Table چیدن سفره هفت سین

d. Visiting family  دیدو بازدید عید

e. Giving Gifts عیدی دادن

f. Yald Night شب یلدا

g.  Mehregan celebrationجشن مهرگان

5. List seven Haftseen items in Persian. 

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