SAMFA is the only official Persian language test that is approved by Iranian and non-Iranian universities and companies, and is equivalent to TOEFL and IELTS tests in English, DILF/DELF/DALF in French, and ZD  in German.

SAMFA is an essential requirement that foreign students who want to continue their studies in the Islamic Republic of Iran have to satisfy. This test evaluates the ability of Persian language skills, without considering where and how people have learned. The test can be used to obtain a work visa, a residency permit, establishing offices, etc. Also, the other advantage of the test is the standardization of the Persian language for non-Persian speakers and those interested in the Persian language and studying and working in the country.


SAMFA Test is held as two types of ‘General’ and ‘Academic’ that regardless of the source and learning approach of applicants, measures their Persian language speaking, listening, reading and writing proficiency.

Each skill in the SAMFA test has 60 points, ultimately producing a 240-point. Each listening and reading skill consists of 30 questions. Moreover, there are two questions for the writing part of the test and 180 minutes for both of them. The speech test also takes about 15 minutes.

Moreover, SAMFA academic test is taken as four categories, of ‘Basic Science and Engineering’, ‘Human Sciences’, ‘Medical Sciences’ and ‘Social Sciences’, where non-Iranian applicants take the exam according to their fields of study.

It is possible to get the test transcript from the National Organization of Educational Testing website by entering the application and passport number. Besides, the SAMFA certificate will be forwarded to the address entered when registering for the test. The National Organization of Educational Testing certifies license for this test in Persian and English, with validity for two years.

According to regulations of the MSRT, passing this exam is compulsory for all non-Iranians who want to study at Iranian universities, and so, from September 2018, passing the SAMFA test is one of the main conditions of their admission to universities. Moreover, the applicants who intend to reside, work, undertake business, and establish local and international firms in Iran, would also need to pass this test.

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