Would you love to learn casual Persian, so you don’t sound like a textbook?

Do you want to say more than “سلام”, Hi and “چطوری” How are you?

Do you want to learn the most useful Persian phrases that you can use over and over in conversation?

Here are 50 most common and useful Farsi or Persian Phrases that Persians use in everyday situations. 

First, let’s look at a few ideas for how to learn these new phrases.

Now that you know how to learn the phrases on your own, we will get you started with 50 common, casual Persian phrases that you will also find on Talk Like A Persian. Become a free member to have free access to different online Persian courses on Talk like a Persia website including Alphabet, Beginner, Intermediate, Grammar, Learn Persian with Movies and 400 Persian Expressions for Conversation courses. 

Watch the video, complete Online Activities and Download and print out the phrases and use them in form of a flash card to review the phrases. 

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Comment below and share with us three phrases that you are planning to learn.



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