If you want to have a pretty decent accent and your speech being littered with native sounding interjections, and sit amongst a group of native speakers and follow most of their conversation, you can achieve that by actively watching a foreign movie. 

Watching movies will help you to expose yourself to cultural aspects of the language, body language and other nonverbal cues. You can also learn more authentic vocabulary , idioms and colloquial expressions. Basically you see a language being used in real world context for meaningful and functional purposes. 

Here are some great tips on how to learn a language with movies:

  1. Watch the movie and break down the movie in short segments from 1-10 minute segment to absorb the language. 
  2. Watch each segment three to five times for greater language learning. 
  3. Focus on every word and expression and actively study the movie to learn a language. 
  4. Engage yourself with the movie. Repeat the words, speak along with the characters, and role play the dialogues.
  5. Write down new words and phrases. Use the SRS ( Spaced Repetition System ) to make sure you remember vocabulary in future. It’s a more complex version of the flashcard system. In this method you need to make an image association of the word and to think of a sample sentence and learn that so you can use it in the real context in future. In order to make sure that the word stays constantly fresh in your mind , you need to see a word a few minutes after the first time, then a few days later, then a few weeks later etc.
  6. Check your comprehension and what you’ve remembered by replaying the segments and roleplaying as one of the characters or take note of the dialogue. 
  7. Review the film with a teacher, tutor, or mentor to learn related  grammar, cultural points, slangs, proverbs and to get answer to your questions. 
  8. If there are any follow up activities, complete the activities to interact more with the content, and to assess your learning outcome and for better retention. 

Are you looking for interesting Persian movie segments to watch to learn Persian language? Talk Like a Persian Language School helps you learn Persian language with movies. The Movie  section includes short segments of subtitled Persian movies with analyzed language points and  a Persian native speaker mentor who repeats the individual words, phrases and sentences in the movies. Each movie is accompanied with an interactive online activity that records your progress and grade and  makes learning Persian language easy ,fun and effective. 

We’re not suggesting you try to learn a language entirely by watching films. Learner materials like textbooks and audio and video  courses and podcasts  have their place and interaction with the films are handy supplements that can help you bridge the gap between learner materials and how people actually talk. Talk Like A Persian helps you to improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and exposing you to cultural aspects of the language. Besides learning Persian with movies , Talk Like A Persian offers you complete online courses, e-books, interactive online activities and audio and video lessons to facilitate your Persian language learning journey.

Click on Learn and visit our sample lessons and become a member and learn Persian with the web’s best video content that stimulates real life.

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