Cinemas offer memorable contexts which will bring you closer to converting important language information into a memory that will last long. We are more productive in memorizing and remembering words in visual contexts. We basically see how words can be used in a sentence in real life scenarios. Different components of a movie such characters, plot, conversations, scenes and music create a practical context. In order to learn a language you need to actively watch a movie a couple of times. 

You can watch Iranian movies to learn Persian on Netflix, Amazon Prime, IMVBox, and many online streaming channels. 

Watching movies in Persian is an awesome way of improving your Persian speaking and listening skills.

To seamlessly combine movies and learning Persian, check out our Talk Like A Persian YouTube channel where you’ll find videos like this one:

How much is it?

Movies use natural language. So they are a great way to improve your Persian vocabulary by learning idiom and common Persian slang. 

Watching movies will help you to expose yourself to cultural aspects of the language, body language and other nonverbal cues. Basically you see a language being used in real world context for meaningful and functional purposes. 

…so what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn and your friends and Lam Bedeed لم”  بدید” and watch your favorites. (“لم بدید ” means to lay back.)

Here are the 10 most popular Iranian movies and documentaries subtitled in 20 languages  on  IMVBox Website that you can watch to improve your Persian, for all ages, genres, and levels!

Top 10 Most Popular Persian Movies

  1. Marriage, Iranian Style (2006)-Comedy, Romance, Culture 
  2. Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars (2010) – Comedy, Social Drama
  3. I am his wife (2010)- Drama, Family
  4. Time to Love (2010)- Drama, Women 
  5. Felicity Land (2008)- Drama
  6. The lizard (2004)- Comedy, Drama, Religion
  7. Water and Fire ( 2000) – Crime, Drama, Tradition 
  8. The Third Day (2006)- War, Drama, Family 
  9. Cease Fire (2006)-Comedy, Romance
  10. Sperm Whale (2015)-Comedy, Family 

Top 10 Most Popular Persian Documentaries for Language Courses 

  1. Poets of Life (2017)- Human Interest, Society, Portrait , Women, Entrepreneur 
  2. Mother of the Earth (2017)- Human Interest & Society , Portrait , Environment 
  3. Kamalolmolk (1984) – History, Portrait
  4. Flax to Fire (2017)- Human Interest & Society , Entrepreneur, Industry
  5. A Lifetime in an hour (2015)- Portrait- Environment
  6. The mirror of the Soul (2002)- Arts, Literature, Portrait | Poet and Director Foroughe Farrokhzad 
  7. And Suddenly You went Missing (2002)- Experimental, History, War
  8. A Good Time for Gragedy (2006)- Art, Literature, Portrait | Poet and Screenwriter Ahmadreza Ahmadi 
  9. Summit of the Wave (2004) – Arts, Literature, Portrait | Poet and Director Foroughe Farrokhzad 
  10. So Said Bamdad (1994)- Arts, Literature| Poet, Writer Ahmad Shamlou

Whether you are looking for a movie to support a lesson you’ve been teaching or a book your class has read, or if you would like to offer a reward for hard work , these movies create opportunities for students engagement and interaction and offer education, inspiration, and entertainment. Most of these films are appropriate for high school and college-aged students. Be sure to preview them yourself if you have concerns about content. Here are some useful links about available resources, strategies and activities for learning Persian with movies.

Learn Persian Through Subtitled Movies and Discussion Questions

How to Learn a Language with Movies

What is your favorite Persian movie? What is it about?

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