We all remember when we took a break from boring old lessons and watched a movie in class. Bring movies into your classroom with some engaging activities and student will sit back , relax and purposefully watch a movie to complete the activities. Movies are perfect for teaching vocabulary and slangs . Each time they watch, students will pick up new expressions that they don’t usually hear, such as slang and idioms.

Where to find the best Persian Movies with English Subtitle 

Boasting over 1,000 streaming films, IMVBox.com is the largest ‘online cinematheque’ and only legal platform for Iranian films. By showcasing a large selection of award-winning Iranian films, including features, documentaries, shorts and plays, IMVBox aims to present the diversity, depth and richness of Iranian cinema. IMVBox’s mission is to “paint a true picture” of the Middle East with subtitled Persian movies.

Where to Find Movies with Lessons and Activities

Talk Like A Persian takes real-world material and turns it into engaging language-learning curriculum. This means that your students get to learn Persian by watching video clips of popular TV shows and movies, by listening to songs, reading newspaper articles and more. In other words, they don’t just memorize Persian, they live it and learn how to  communicate like native Persian speakers!

Want to learn more? Visit the TALk Like a Persian website today and sign up.  

How to Make Great Activities for the Movies

  1. Use Interesting Movie Discussion Questions to get students talking in small groups. With these questions everyone can get involved and improve their speaking skills.
  2. Use Write a Film Review  to break the ice , ask students to write their own movie review by using the Talk Like A Persian Film Review Worksheet.



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